Attracting Pollinators To Your Garden

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How to attract and support pollinating insects

Bumble Bee on Yellow DaisyAim to have plants that are attractive to pollinating insects in flower form early in spring to late autumn.

Plants with double or multi petalled flowers should be avoided as insects may find difficulty gaining access to them and they may lack pollen and nectar.  Never use pesticides on plants when they are in flower

Why Pollinating insects are important how how gardeners can helpbee, bumblebee, closeup

Flying insects such as bees and hoverflies which visit flowers for their nectar and pollen perform a vitally important pollination service. Pollination is where the pollen from one flower is transferred to another flower, bringing about fertilisation. Some flowering plants are pollinated by the wind but the majority rely on this service from insects and without it plants would fail to produce seed and, in some cases, fruit.

Honey Bee Zipping a PlantBy planting nectar and pollen rich flowers over a long season, gardeners can help reduce the decline of wild bees and other pollinators, . In return, an abundance of pollinators will ensure garden plants continue to reproduce through seed and that many fruit and vegetable crops such as apples, strawberries and tomatoes successfully set fruit.


The Top Ten Wild Plants To Help Pollination 

Achillea Millefolium (Common Yellow)

Viburnum Opulus (Geulder Rose)

Centaurea Scabiosa (Great Knapweed)

Digitalis Purpurea (Common Foxglove)

Eupatorium Cannabinum (Hemp Agrimony)

Verbascum Nigrum (Dark Mullein)

Origanum Vulgare (Wild Marjoram)

Lonicera Periclymenum (Common Honeysuckle)

Thymus Pulegiodes (Large Thyme)

Trifolium REPENS (White Clover)

For a more detailed list of Wild Plants perfect for pollination download the RHS Wildflower Guide

The Top Ten Garden Plants To Help Pollination 

Caryopteris x Clandonensis (Caryopeteris)

Dianthus Barbattus (Sweet William)

Hesperis Matronalis (Dame’s Violet)

Hyssopus Officinalis (Hyssop)

Jasminum Officiinale (Common Jasmine)

Lavandula Angustifolia (English Lavender)

Lychnis Coronaria (Rose Campion)

Monarda Didymas (Bergamot or bee balm)

Verbena Bonariensis (Purple Top)

Weigela Florida (Weigelia)

For a more detailed list of Garden Plants perfect for pollination download the RHS Garden Plant Guide