Dancing Goat Dairies Goats Milk Ice Cream

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Homemade Natural Goats Milk Ice Cream


Riggs Farm shop is now stocking Homemade natural goats milk ice cream from Todmorden’s very own Dancing Goat Dairies based just up the road from our Farm Shop. This family run business have released 5 fabulous flavour, Delicate Dolcelato, Chocolate Cascade, Luscious Lemon Swirl, Colossal Caramel and Raspberry Revelation.


What the Company Say

Goats milk has a plethora of excellent benefits over cows milk.  It has a higher percentage of calcium and other minerals, the lactose content is lower making it easier to digest.  It contains a high level of zinc and selenium promoting your bodies healing and regeneration, process.  It’s also better for your cholesterol, as goats milk isn’t stored as body fat and provide an energy boost!


Luscious Lemon Swirl

A sharp lemon flavoured ice cream with a silky smooth lemon curd


Chocolate Cascade

A rich creamy chocolate concoction of goats milk ice cream


Delicate Dolcelato

The natural flavours of goats milk made into a deliciously creamy ice cream


Colossal Caramel

Sweet caramel ice cream with a salted caramel sauce and crunchy caramel pieces


Raspberry Revelation 

Smooth raspberry ice cream with a drizzle of raspberry sauce