“The Family Tree” – Plant of the week.

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The Family Tree



A “family tree” is a name of tree which has several varieties grafted on to one trunk and are perfect for gardens with little space.

This unique apple tree produces 5 different varieties of apples, which ensures excellent pollination during flowering.

These 5 different varieties mean you will be able to enjoy 5 different flavours of apple which will ripen at different times, extending your enjoyment of this tree.  The tree may be planed in a pit or in the open soil.

Provide the tree with organic fertiliser in the autumn,  If a lot of fruit is produced, fertilise it again in the summer.

You can keep the tree small by pruning it into a sphere three or four times annually.

Verities of apple

James Grieve is a juicy delicate flavour, perfect for eating raw or cooked.

Jonagold – A cross between the crisp Golden Delicious and the blush-crimson Jonathan. They form a large sweet fruit with a thin skin

The Elstar – Medium-sized apple whose skin is mostly red with yellow showing. The flesh is white, and has a soft, crispy texture. It may be used for cooking and is especially good for making apple sauce. In general, however, it is used in desserts due to its sweet flavour.

Golden Delicious – Apples are greenish-yellow and become more yellow with age, they are honeyed and very sweet when well ripened.

Summerred – The flavor is reminiscent of Golden Delicious, but a bit more robust and full-flavored. These early ripening apples are great for fresh eating and baking.