New Products in our Farm Shop

- Posted By: Phil

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As the seasons change so does our Farm Shop.

We have lots of new and exciting products coming in store over the next few weeks and here are just a few of whats come in.



Cook with sass with our fun range of culinary alcohols to spruce up virtually any dish. Be it sweet or savoury, cook up a storm with our five perfectly portioned spirits and fortified wines, adding delicious flavours, colours and textures to your food.

Just A Splash Brandy, Port, Rum, Sherry and Marsala are the only ones of their kind, as they come in very handy recipe-sized 100ml pouring pouches which means no more fussing with unnecessarily expensive large bottles of booze that take up cupboard space and ultimately never get used.

Just A Splash are small and easy to store, greatly reduce waste and are as cheap and cheery as a packet of parsley!







The foundation of all good chicken broth and soup recipes – and ideal for making a tasty risotto or poaching chicken breasts.

Now in a Recyclable Can!



Raspberry Coulis – The classic coulis with a little orange zest for extra oompf!

Mango Coulis – A now classic dessert accompaniment, our mango coulis has a little lime leaf for an extra tropical flavour.