Christmas Trees

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Our real Christmas trees are due in today!



The Nordmann firĀ 

This is one of the most important species grown for Christmas trees, being favoured for its attractive foliage, with needles that are not sharp and do not drop readily when the tree dries out.

The Frazer FirĀ 

Splendid for smaller spaces due to its slimmer, conical shape, the Fraser fir also has a delicious balsam scent which fills the room for the entire festive period. This tree helps to reduce vacuuming time with its good needle retention, and its dense branches hold soft green/silver needles.

The Norway Spruce

It’s classic shape, look and fresh scent all contribute to that traditional and nostalgic Christmas feeling. Sporting dark green foliage all year round and featuring a good symmetrical conical shape, with thin prickly needles that sit sharply rigid.

The Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce is a naturally symmetrical tree that has dark green to powdery blue; very stiff needles. It will drop needles in a warm room; but is still best among spruce varieties for needle retention. The branches are stiff and will support many heavy decorations.

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