The Deli Sharer Platter

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Rigg’s Deli Sharing Platter is the perfect addition to any night, whether you’re staying in with family or hosting a night with friends when restrictions ease,  our sharing platter is perfect for the occasion.

Orders must be placed before 12:30pm for collection the following day. Any orders placed after 1pm Fridays can not be collected until Tuesday.  


Samosas, Variety of 3 Cheeses, Crackers, Handmade Pie

Olives, Pickled Onions, Peppadew Sweet Chillies, Pickled Onions

Salami, Chorizo, Pancetta

Dip, Grapes & Tomatoes

Please note the variety of cheese and dips may vary.


Rigg’s Deli Sharing Platter (gordonrigg.com)