Lupins – Plant of the moment

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Lupins come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and flower colours. Their flower spikes are densely packed with small individual pea-like blooms, forming a bold splash of colour. The flowers open from the base of the stem upwards.

All lupins like well-drained soil in full sun for best results. Avoid planting in shade, as flowering will be poor.


Plant in spring and early summer, as they become available in garden centres

Position them in the soil at the same depth they were in the container

If your soil is prone to waterlogging, or you live in a cold, wet area, grow dwarf or smaller lupins in containers.

Water regularly through the growing season, especially when newly planted and during hot dry spells.


Poor flowering may be caused by too much shade or by dividing clumps too often. With plants in containers, it may also be caused by overpotting or being excessively pot-bound. Repot every three years or so, into a container that is only slightly larger. To improve flowering, water and feed in spring

Several pests have a taste for lupins, principally slugs and snails, which love the new shoots in spring, but also look out for lupin aphids

​Fungal diseases such as lupin anthracnose and powdery mildew can affect lupins, along with viruses

For more advice visit the RHS website www.rhs.org.uk