April Top Tips

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April Top Tips

Protect fruit blossom and tender plants from late frosts with frost fleece.

Fruit, Apple, Malum, Red, Healthy, Apple TreeThis is the perfect time to plant fruit trees and bushes.

Pot up houseplants showing signs of being root bound.

Plant veg seeds and plants; keep them moist and cover them with clear polytunnels to give them a good start.  You can get started with tomatoes, peppers &Cabbage, Garden, Veg, Vegetable, Food, Plant, Green cucumbers in the greenhouse, but keep them warm.

Check any tree ties to make sure the tie in not cutting into the trunk.  Loosen any that are to give the trunk room to expand.

Top dress outdoor pots with fresh compost and a little slow release fertiliser to give them a boost.

Lilies, Yellow, Flowers, Petals, Yellow LiliesPlant lily bulbs in pots now.  Once shoots begin to show, move to a sunny position.  Liquid feed once a week from summer.

Now is the time to spray weeds in the border before they start to spread and multiply, but be careful not to spray the new shoots of the plants you want to keep.