January Monthly Gardening Tips

- Posted By: Phil

Some great January top tips for all you garden lovers!

1. Prune trees and shrubs as required, using sharp secateurs,
loppers, and a pruning saw, and disinfecting tools after use.

2. Protect tender plants with horticultural fleece, and prevent
planted pots from freezing solid by wrapping them in bubble

3. A good time to plant roses, trees and shrubs provided the ground
is not frozen or waterlogged.

4. Apply sulphate of potash to strawberries, raspberries,
apples & pears to increase cropping.

5. Do not prune plums and cherries until the buds begin to break
in early Spring, to avoid silver leaf disease and bacterial canker.

6. Brighten up someone’s day with a beautiful fresh floral bouquet.

7. In cold weather keep a well-stocked bird table or feeder.
Keep feeding areas clean with bird-safe disinfectant.

8. Buy ready-planted bulb bowls for colour and scent.

9. Why not liven up a bed near the house with plants for
Winter interest? Viburnum, honeysuckle, Jasmine are just a few!

10. Treat yourself or friends to planted arrangements, azaleas,
cyclamen or other houseplants – the perfect gift.