May Top Tips

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Mays Top Gardening tips

Barberry, Leaves, Frost, Twigs, Plant, Ice, ColdBe on the watch for late frosts! Protect your tender plants.

Earth up your potatoes, approx. 5cm at a time.

Water is an essential in any garden; try to collect rainwater where possible, and think about recycling water too.

Plant veg seeds & plants; keep them moist & cover them with    clear polytunnels to give them a good start.Plant, Breeding, Tomato Fruit, Garden, Home Garden

   You can get started with tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers in the    greenhouse, but keep them warm!

Check any tree ties to make sure the tie is not cutting into  the trunk. Loosen any that are to give the trunk room to expand.

Start to mow your lawn on a regular basis now, and add the clippings to your compost heap.

There is still time to sow new  lawns or re-seed patches in early May.

Still time to plant pond plants this month, but don’t introduce fish until your plants have established.

When weeding your pond, leave weeds on the pond banking for 24hrs so any creatures  can return to the water, then add to your compost heap.

Give your greenhouse a good airing out on warm days.

Before trimming your hedges or bushes, check for nesting birdsGreenhouse, Plants, Pots, Agriculture