October’s Monthly Gardening Tips

- Posted By: Phil


Monthly Gardening Tips For October

In the greenhouse, remove shading material and insulate with bubble polythene.

Plant Spring Bulbs for colour next year.

Plant trees, shrubs, conifers, heathers, roses and perennials while the soil is moist and warm.

Add interest to your garden with easy-to-install low voltage or solar lighting.

Clear away spent annual flowers and vegetable waste and add to the compost heap.

Replace summer bedding with winter pansies, wallflowers, violas and primroses for colour in the winter months.

Buy horticultural fleece to protect tender plants in frosty weather.

Treat slippery paths with a cleaner such as Algon.

Remove fallen leaves with a leaf rake or besom, collecting them into sacks to rot down into leaf mould.

Feed your lawn with Autumn lawn food to develop strong roots.