September Top Tips

- Posted By: Phil

September Top TipsApple, Red, Red Apple, Apple Orchard, Branch, Delicious

Start to harvest your Autumn fruit, raspberries, blackberries, apples etc.

Place a net over your pond to catch the first falls of autumn leaves it will save lots of work later in the year.

Clean out your greenhouses so that they are ready for the Autumn.

Narcissus, Narcissus Bulb, Spring Flower, FlowerPlant spring flowering bulbs.

Dig up any remaining potatoes so that they wont get damaged by the slugs.

Keep dead heading and watering your hanging baskets as they will quite often keep going till the first frost.

Test your sweetcorn to see if its ready to harvest.  Press your thumb nail into a kernel if a milky substance comes out they are ready to pick.

Empty all your pots of cold compost, give them a good clean before putting them away for next year.Garden Fence, Flower Pots, Clay Pots, Decoration

If your lawn needs re seeding now is the time to do it.

When peas and beans have finished cropping, cut away the plant at ground level and leave them to slow release the Nitrogen that is in their roots.